The Illusion of Balance

What if I were to tell you that you are being fooled into thinking that the world is flat? And not only are you being fooled into thinking that world is flat, but you’re also being fooled into thinking that it is incredibly thin? What if I were to tell you that you are being fooled into thinking that the world is this thin plank teetering on the sharp peg of the universe and that if you have too much of one thing that the world will be thrown off balance and plummet into oblivion never to return?

This is the illusion of balance. This is a pagan post.

For whatever reason, the world is presented to us in binary. Despite us existing in the third dimension our beliefs are hogtied in the second dimension. The world is flat, thin and requires simple polarity to keep it in check. That just ain’t right. Binary thinking is the giant shackle of limitation that keeps one from reaching their full potential. It eliminates a lot of possibilities and opportunities that do not fall within the continuum.

The world does not exist in black, white or shades of gray.
Two colors in a picture is considered monochrome.
A balanced picture has a little bit of every color working in harmony OR chaos— depends on the artist.

You cannot survive off of water and pickles.
You’ll die of malnutrition.
A balanced diet requires more than 10 different essential nutrients and vitamins.

When you think in the terms of magic, there is more than just feminine and masculine energies. There’s more than light and dark energies. There’s more than good and bad intent. There’s more than four elements and they are not all aligned with yin and yang, masculine and feminine. Spells can pull energy from more than two elements at a time. Binary balance is an illusion. True balance is obtained with many things.

Binary thinking robs us of paths. It robs us of seeing the big picture. It keeps us walking on a plank that is only suspended 2mm from the ground and fooled that the plank is much higher and the fall is much more dire.

How do you break binary thinking?

You see two things, try to add a third, forth, or fifteenth. For example:

Male and female binary can exclude asexuality, platonic energy, homosexual energies, human/pet energies, object sexuality and other energies that do not necessarily include a male and a female. Why not fold energies onto themselves and have male on male energies or female on female energies and cover all ground? Why not expand to the power of platonic relationships where the power is in the bond? Why not use the energies out of the objects we love as if they were people? (Someone is married to the Eiffel Tower, you know.) There are even deities who do not ascribe to one gender over the other.

This doesn’t mean that the male/female binary is illegitimate. This post is about inclusion, not exclusion. You can still use binary. I’m just trying to get you to think bigger.

What does inclusion do?

You eat, right? I’m assuming you eat. If you don’t eat, I apologize for being insensitive. So, you have a spinach leaf. You can wash and munch on that spinach leaf and it’s kind of awesome. OR you can get more spinach leaves, some black pepper, put on a boiling pot, get some olive oil, okra, salt, garlic powder, and add it on top of a romaine lettuce salad with some cherry tomatoes. Suddenly you went from om-nom plain, leathery leaf to om-nom flavorful salad. Not only are you most likely going to be more filled by the salad, but you are fulfilled by the flavor of variety.

Your magic can benefit from seasoning.

How does that not throw things off balance?

Do you know how your body works? When you eat, breathe, or circulate blood your body works to take what it needs and it discards toxins and unnecessary things. This helps you maintain homeostasis.

Can’t you have too many things in a spell?

In my honest opinion, no. The only time that becomes an issue is if you’re limited by time, money, memory-space, etc. If you don’t want to name off 800 different deities, then you probably should shave that list down. If you cannot afford twenty different herbs, it’s okay to stick with what you can afford.

I’m not telling you to dump your entire pantry into a spell. That does not work. That scatters energies. I’m talking about bigger picture for laser focus.


Bigger picture for laser focus. If you’re trying to do a money spell but you’re only thinking in terms of banishing poverty and attracting money, what about luck? What about protection from ruin? What about banishing the destructive shopping habits? What about covering your money grubbing relatives so that they stay out of your hair while you get the things that you need without being guilted into giving a hand out?

The binary is banish poverty, attract money. The big picture is covering your ass. Learning to move beyond binary energies helps you cover your ass. A balanced spell covers your ass.


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