You may remember a few months ago we launched a campaign to increase the diversity of our submissions. Well, I took your feedback, and I’m proud to announce that we have three new posters—agender, demisexual/demiromantic, and non-binary—and our bisexual poster has been updated to include biromantic.

You can find full details on our submission guidelines page.

As always, feedback is welcome. I know this doesn’t cover everything, even considering that we deliberately left gay out (about 70% of our stories have gay main characters). If there’s an orientation/identity you’d like us to include in our next round, please let me know. We truly want to publish books that represent the whole rainbow spectrum, and we want to spread around graphics and posters that represent that.

Individual posts for everything will go up over the next few weeks.

My publisher is currently accepting submissions of an LGBTQ+/MOGAI nature! Check out their site if you might have something you’re writing!

My religion, is not your religion and even if we share the same umbrella, your rain is not my rain and even if we speak to gods of the same name, your conversation is not my conversation, and even though we share the same sunlight, your rainbow isn’t my rainbow, and even though we bleed red blood, your blood type is not my blood type and my injury is not your injury and if I’m not hurting you nor myself you really can go sit in a corner and think about why you can’t stand for anyone else to be happy.

A pendulum swings both ways

You know …

I think people forget, often times on purpose, that not even human beings act the same way around one person as they do another. That they code switch and have various masks they wear. That they could be extraordinarily sweet to one individual while being devastatingly abusive to another.

So then,

Why would you think your gods would be any different? To look at a person who has been injured and say, “Not my deity” is the same as a anyone whose friend or family member is an abuser and going, “Not my son, not my sister, not my best friend.”

We want to protect those we love, sure. There’s nothing wrong with that. At the same time, though, you have to acknowledge that sentient beings are really fucked up all across the board.

All of them.

It’s like a train. They’re convenient and lovely to ride, but if you ever see someone get hit by one or watch one derail you’ll be a little more cautious about getting on board.

No, no. I know my relationships with my deities. I will never claim to know someone else’s. When someone tells me that they hear a train whistle and shiver, I take a wary look down the track, because people change and so do gods.

If your gods are infallible, good for you, but I’ve seen it otherwise. I’ve heard other stories. It’s not something I am able to shrug off. I take those issues to heart like any other story of abuse or assault.

Maybe I’m old hat. I remember all gods coming with warning labels. I guess someone decided to peel them all off. But just so you know, some of those fluffy gods have really sharp edges.